NC LED CLOCK4-digit LED clock, kit with sound

Complete kit of the NixieCron M4, 4-digit with LED Basic operating system.

Our Top-Led-Nixie watch with 4 digits.
Highlights: High-precision watch chip, temperature compensated with deviation of a few seconds per month. Sound module plays hour gong and announces the current time at the push of a button. Connection for temperature sensor DS18B20, configuration via rotary knob.

Open source with LED Basic. Changes, updates, extensions are easily possible via the LED-Basic development environment.

Size: approx. 250 x 120 x 100mm (W x H x D)
Power supply 5V via Micro-USB connection. Almost any 5V mobile phone power supply (min. 500mA) with Micro-USB plug can be used. Alternatively: Micro-USB cable for connection to the PC.
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