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Upgrade NOW - because high-quality LED bulbs and luminaires from reichelt pay for themselves quickly!

All standard lighting solutions, such as energy-saving bulbs, halogen bulbs or conventional light bulbs with different sockets can meanwhile be replaced very inexpensively with LED bulbs. reichelt elektronik offers a broad selection of LED bulbs and complete LED luminaires with good to excellent light-emitting quality and a long or even very long life at an extremely attractive price. This means that upgrading to LED technology from reichelt will pay for itself very quickly, both at home and in the office.
LED Bulb vs. Regular Light Bulb

LED lighting for your home pays for itself quickly - both indoors and outdoors!

In other words: the LED bulb already pays for itself after 85 h! Projected to the total life of an LED bulb, this results in a cost advantage of about € 130 per lighting point (for an LED bulb with a life of 10,000 h) or about € 270. This relative cost advantage of 85 % (depending on the life of the LED bulb, between 10,000 and 20,000 h) can in principle be applied to all types of bulbs and luminaires.

LED lighting for the office and factory - pays for itself even more quickly!

Well-lighted workplaces in the office and factory are a basic prerequisite for professional work safety and productivity. Offices and factories are often illuminated at least for part of the day - in addition to daylight - with artificial light. The burning time for lights and luminaires at work is therefore much higher than at home. This also means that the energy-saving effect is many times higher than in private use.

The long burning times in the work environment also increase the need to regularly replace bulbs - either because they fail or because the luminosity decreases throughout their life. Since LED bulbs have a longer life than conventional light bulbs or halogen bulbs and the luminosity does not decrease as quickly as with fluorescent lamps, they do not have to be replaced as often. The use of LED bulbs therefore reduces the frequency and therefore the time and costs needed for replacement and maintenance of the lighting technology at the workplace.


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