HMIP SWO-PRWeather Sensor - pro

Offers reliable and exact metering of temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind velocity, onset of rain, rainfall volume, brightness (relative) as well as hours of sunshine

The Homematic IP Weather Sensor - pro is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and offers reliable and exact metering of the outside temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity, brightness and hours of sunshine. In addition, the weather sensor pro detects if and when there will be rain, meters the rainfall volume and detects the wind direction. The weather data is displayed and evaluated comfortably via the free Homematic IP app. The weather data can also be applied for triggering of different actions in the smart home. For example, shutters are raised in case of strong wind or awnings are extended automatically while the sun is shining. Also, automatic notification when rain begins to fall can be realised with the sensor. In connection with other Homematic IP devices, a wide range of other applications can be realised. Thanks to the independent battery supply as well as the proven and secure wireless technology, the weather station can be mounted also without having to lay any cables. The mounting material required as well as the stainless steel mast of approximately 1.6 meters are supplied.

  • Collected weather data is displayed and evaluated via the free Homematic IP app
  • Multiple applications in connection with other Homematic IP devices - e.g. moving shutters down in case of sunshine or retraction of awnings in case of rain
  • Flexible application in outdoor areas thanks to radio communication and battery operation
  • Easy to install with durable stainless steel mast
  • Can be used with the Access Point in connection with the Homematic IP app (no recurring costs), the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 as well as with various partner solutions

  • General
    • Type
    • Weather sensor
    • Design
    • Homematic IP
    • Anwendungsbereich 1
    • Heating & air-conditioning
  • Smart Home
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Yes
    • Google
    • Yes
  • Electrical values
    • Transmission frequency
    • 868.3 MHz
  • Measures
    • Width
    • 400 mm
    • Depth
    • 150 mm
    • Height
    • 650 mm
  • Other
    • Range
    • 400 m