P-TOUCH E100VPAIndustrial labelling machine / special offer

Create professional, durable, laminated labels for cables, connections, switch blocks and other electrical and datacom installations.

  • Purpose-oriented functions to create the most commonly-used types of label
  • 168 built-in symbols including electrician and communication symbols
  • Including tape cartridge, mains adapter and hard carrying case
  • Prints labels of 3.5/6/9 and 12 mm width

Feature-rich and portable
The Brother P-touch E100VP is a lightweight, handheld industrial labelling machine, perfect for use in the field. It has various functions for the simple creation of commonly-used label types, such as for cables or control cabinets. It is especially suitable for the electrical trade, but the device can also easily be used in other industrial fields.

Quick and textually fluent
At a speed of up to 20 mm/second, the P-touch E100VP prints twice as fast as comparable models in its class. Simply enter your text using the ABC keyboard and separate numeric keypad. Choose from 8 font styles, 377 displayable characters and 3 font sizes.

Graphic display with preview
The large 16-character LC display allows you to carry out a final check before printing and correct if necessary.

Convenient delivery
The P-touch E100VP is supplied with a hard carrying case, mains adapter and a tape cartridge. This allows you to get labelling right away!

Durable labels
The unique, laminated Brother TZe tapes are especially durable thanks to the patented rear tape print. Tests have shown that they are resistant to abrasion, most chemicals, water, sunlight and extreme temperatures. The laminated TZe tapes consist of six layers of different materials, creating a thin, extremely durable tape. The font is printed using thermal transfer on the underside of the protective layer. Protected by two layers of polyester (PET), the label is wipe, scratch and weather-resistant.

Batteries not included (requires 6x AAA)
  • General
    • Design
    • Label printer
    • Technology
    • Heat-transfer printing
    • Design
    • For 3.5/6/9/12 mm TZ tapes
    • Colour
    • Orange
    • Resolution
    • 180 dpi
  • Other
    • Specification
    • Hand-held device
  • Measures
    • Depth
    • 207 mm
    • Width
    • 110 mm
    • Height
    • 59 mm
  • Weights
    • Weight
    • 0.390 kg
  • Implementation
    • Speed
    • 20 mm/s
  • Power supply
    • Power unit, inclusive
    • Yes
    • Mains voltage input
    • 220 - 240 V AC
    • Mains frequency
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Mains plug
    • C - Euro plug CEE 7/16
    • Power supply, on device
    • Plug housing