DELOCK 65249Adaptor Sub-D 9Pin plug/jack

This adapter by Delock can be connected to the Sub-D'9 pin connector of your device or system and use as a port saver. Thus, it prevents the Sub-D9 interface at applications with high mating cycles. Further, the adapter for special applications also serve as a mechanical extension of the sub-D9 ports.

  • Sub-D9 Pin Plug > Sub-D9 Pin Socket
  • Sub-D9 Socket with nuts
  • Sub-D9 Plug with screws
  • connector coated nickel

system requirements
A free Sub-D 9 pin interface

Package content
Sub-D9 Adaptor

Poly Bag
  • General
    • Type
    • Adapter
    • Design
    • Plug/socket
    • Pole number
    • 9
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • D-SUB
  • Implementation
    • Type of connector
    • 2-row