NIBO BEE GRAFIKBGX 1 graphic display expansion

The BGX1 is an expansion kit for the NIBObee robot kit.

The NIBObee is given a graphic display with backlight and its own microcontroller (ATmega88), four LEDs and four buttons to interact with the user. The display can immediately show currently measured sensor values, for example. This gives the programmer direct feedback, which simplifies the development process. The user can use four extra buttons to manually access any functions.

• ATmega88 (8 kB Flash, 0.5 kB EEPROM, 1 kB SRAM, 8 MHz)
• Graphic display with 128 x 64 pixels
• 4 function LEDs
• 4 buttons
• Expansion port with 2 IO signals (analogue I/digital IO)
• Connection via I2C interface 2.0

• Library for the NIBObee robot (available online)
• Firmware for the ATmega88 with functions for text output and to draw lines and rectangles
• Functions for programming the buttons, output via LEDs
• Functions for controlling the two IO pins

Included: PCB, LC display, microcontrollers, electronic components for soldering and mechanical components.

Required accessories: NIBObee robot kit
  • General
    • Type
    • Graphic display extension
    • Design
    • For NIBO BEE