TRUECAM A7SDashcam, A7S, 1080p, 30 fps, 130°

Important information about dash cams
According to a decision by the German Federal Supreme Court of 15/05/2018 (ref. no VI ZR 233/17), dash cam videos are allowed in legal proceedings involving serious traffic violations. However, it is strictly prohibited to make these videos available to third parties or to publish them, for example on the Internet. When using the dash cam, always observe the legal regulations of the country in which you wish to use the device.

Dash cams are allowed or unobjectionable in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway (private use only), Poland, Russia, Sweden (with license or manual operation), Serbia, Spain
Dash cams are prohibited or inadvisable in: Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria

TrueCam A7S
Professional camera for high performance: Resolution 2304x1296p, FULL HD 1080p at 45FPS, German menu, speed camera alert, GPS, G sensor, night vision, motion detection, loop function, two different mounts for the windscreen, LCD display, LED additional lighting, immediate photo function, protection of footage at push of button, HDR for better playback, CPL and UV filters (optional)

Professional camera for high performance
The latest model in our series, the TrueCam A7s, is the successor of the current TrueCam A5. The basic features include a GPS module for detecting speed cameras, a G sensor, and much more. The video resolution was improved to 2560x1080 (21:9) and 2304x1296 (16:9) with a frame rate of 30 fps. The high quality of the recording makes it easier to recognise faces and even registration numbers. The camera is ideally equipped to handle all types of everyday situations. Recording at night or in poor visibility, such as when driving against bright light or other adverse conditions, can be achieved in extremely good quality with maximum clarity. The click-in mount with a hard-wired connection to the electrical system guarantees convenience of use and operation. Plug & play: just click-in and go.

Recording in FULL HD 1296p
The camera records at a resolution of 2304x1080 (16:9) or in ultra-wide format (21:9) at a resolution of 2560x1080 pixels. This camera allows recording of high-quality videos even in poor visibility. No matter what the conditions - clear, cloudy, twilight or night - the video is always perfect and sharp, with all details such as a person's face or a vehicle's registration number.

GPS module
The TrueCam A7s is equipped with a GPS module with functions that provide even more details about your trip, such as the route and speed. In the camera settings you can choose whether to see the speed right in the video recording or only in the software application, and this data allows you to display the entire route on Google Maps.

Speed camera alert
The TrueCam A7s features a system that alerts the driver of stationary or temporary speed cameras, as well as traffic light cameras and other danger areas where it is advisable to exercise increased caution. Our databases contain more than 33,000 locations in 36 European countries and Russia. Spoken instructions inform the driver of danger or exceeding the speed limit. The database is very precise, and updates for TrueCam customers are free.

Continuous loop function
TrueCam dash cams allow you to record continuously. As soon as the memory is full, the camera automatically starts overwriting the oldest footage. Recording is never interrupted because memory is full. While recording and afterwards you can protect single images and video sequences from being overwritten. They are then permanently protected.

G sensor
The G sensor in the TrueCam, also known as an accelerometer, is a sensor that measures acceleration in three axes, which means that in the event of an emergency stop or an accident, forces that are detected by the G sensor automatically permanently save the recording and protect it from being overwritten. On the basis of this data, which is depicted in graphs, the exact source of the forces can be determined to clarify the course of the accident or the traffic situation together with the corresponding video recording. (e.g. rear-end collisions or side impact collisions)

Motion detection
The TrueCam also monitors your car in your absence. If the sensor detects a motion, the camera starts recording. If someone runs into your car or otherwise damages it on a parking lot, you have the incident on high-quality video footage. This gives you evidence with all details such as the vehicle registration number or the face of the perpetrator, all in FULL HD.

Night vision
Recording in poor light conditions, such as twilight or night, is no problem for the TrueCam. The outstanding optic with high luminous intensity is set to ensure clear video recordings of high quality even at night. The TrueCam models A4 and A5 are good for night recording, while the TrueCam A7s is in a class all by itself, since it is designed for FULL HD recording in poor visibility.
  • General
    • Type
    • Dash-Cam
    • Design
    • 1080p
    • microSD
    • optional (bis 32 GB)
    • Colour
    • Black
    • Accessory
    • HDMI-Kabel, USB-Kabel
  • Specials
    • holer
    • Saugnapf-/Klebehalterung
  • Implementation
    • Picture size
    • 2304 x 1296 pixels
    • GPS
    • Yes
    • Viewing angle
    • 130 °
    • megapixel
    • 3
    • frames per second
    • 30 fps
    • versnellingssensor
    • Yes
    • Loop-Function
    • Yes
    • night mode
    • Yes
    • parking control
    • Yes
    • Microphone
    • Yes
    • Type of battery
    • Li-Ion, 400 mAh
  • Display
    • Display
    • 6.9 cm (2.7")
  • Other
    • Motion Sensor
    • Yes
  • External I/O Ports
    • WLAN
    • No
  • Interfaces
    • USB
    • Yes
    • HDMI
    • Yes
  • Power supply
    • Motor vehicle adapter, incl.
    • Yes
  • Measures
    • Width
    • 103 mm
    • Height
    • 51 mm
    • Depth
    • 40 mm
  • Weights
    • Weight
    • 97 g