DEBO RELAIS 2CHDeveloper board - relay module, 2-channel, 5 V

With this 2-channel relay module, large loads can easily be controlled/switched with 5 V of a microcontroller, for example Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc. All connections are accessible via screw terminals and can therefore be easily connected, for example with Dupont cables, to a Raspberry Pi or the like. Using the definable switching level, switching can be performed with either a high or a low level.

• 2-channel relay module, 5 V
• Each relay requires 15 - 20 mA for switching
• Equipped with heavy-duty relays (switching power AC: max. 250 V/10 A, DC: max. 30 V/10 A DC)
• Relay type: toggle switch
• Can be switched with high as well as low level - each channel can be defined via a jumper
• Can be controlled directly with a microcontroller (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic)
• All contacts are accessible via screw terminals
• LEDs for indication of the relay status
• Dimensions: 50 x 41 x 19 mm
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