ADA FLORADevelopment boards - Adafruit FLORA

FLORA is Adafruit's fully-featured wearable electronics platform. It's a round, sewable, Arduino-compatible microcontroller designed to empower amazing wearables projects.

The FLORA is small (1.75" diameter, weighing 4.4 grams). The FLORA family also has the best stainless steel threads, sensors, GPS modules and chainable LED NeoPixels, perfect accessories for the FLORA main board.

The FLORA has built-in USB support. Built in USB means you plug it in to program it, it just shows up - all you need is a Micro-B USB cable, no additional purchases are needed! We have a modified version of the Arduino IDE so Mac & Windows users can get started fast - or with the new 1.6.4+ Arduino IDE, it takes only a few seconds to add Flora-support. The FLORA has USB HID support, so it can act like a mouse or keyboard to attach directly to computers.

FLORA has a small but easy to use onboard reset button to reboot the system. The power supply is designed to be flexible and easy to use. There is an onboard polarized 2 JST battery connector with protection schottky diode for use with external battery packs from 3.5v to 16v DC in. Can be used with LiIon/LiPoly, LiFe, alkaline or rechargeable NiMh/NiCad batteries of any size. The FLORA does not have a LiPo charger included by design, this allows safe use with multiple battery types and reduces risk of fire as it is not recommended to charge these batteries on fabric.

FLORA has onboard power switch connected to 2A power FET for safe and efficient battery on/off control, so you can power quite a bit without burning out your switch. The FLORA has an onboard 3.3v 250mA regulator with a protection diode and USB fuse so that the microcontroller voltage is consistent and can power common 3.3v modules and sensors.

  • Dimensions: 45 x 7 mm

    • General
      • Type
      • Adafruit
      • Category
      • Board
      • Design
      • Standard
      • Model
      • Flora
      • Analog inputs
      • 4
      • Clock
      • 8 MHz
      • Bit
      • 8
      • SD card
      • No
    • Implementation
      • Microcontrol
      • Atmega32u4
      • Flash
      • 32 KB
      • SRAM
      • 2.5 KB
      • EEPROM
      • 1
    • Electrical values
      • Voltage
      • 3.3 V
    • Interfaces
      • Digital I/O pins
      • 8
      • with PWM
      • 4
      • USB
      • Yes
      • SPI
      • Yes
      • I²C
      • Yes
      • ICSP
      • Yes
      • TWI
      • No
      • UART
      • No
      • CAN
      • No
      • SAC
      • No
      • LAN
      • No
      • Bluetooth®
      • No
    • External I/O Ports
      • WLAN
      • No