RONA 450611Hand Chainsaw

A thick tree trunk sawn through in record-breaking time – an impressive performance No problem with the hand chain saw.
It is labour-saving and fast. 84 chain links with 160 teeth enclose the branch and saw at all contact points. This is more effective than a saw with a straight blade.
It saws in both directions so that the saw is prevented from jamming, because the teeth cut a wider clearance into the wood than the width of the back of the blade.
It is also ideal for places where a standard saw fails e.g. branches in tall trees or difficult to reach roots.
Folded up in a small bag, it can be carried using the loop on the strap. Chain length 77 cm,

total weight including bag 450 g.

1 saw chain: 84 links, 77 cm long
2 rotating handles
1 x 4 m nylon cord with lead weight and guide bracket
1 x 4 m nylon cord
Instruction manual
Total weight including bag 450 g
  • General
    • Type
    • Handkettensäge
    • Model
  • Measures
    • Length
    • 770 mm