HIH 9130Humidity sensor, digital, RH ±1.7%, SMD

Digital HumidIcon™ humidity/temperature sensors from Honeywell: The HIH6130/6131 range is a digital relative humidity sensor and temperature sensor in a single housing. These devices offer many competitive advantages including:
• More accurate, temperature-compensated digital I2C output
• Energy efficiency
• Ultra-small housing

Industry-leading total error band (TEB) (±5% RH): Honeywell specifies the total error band — the most comprehensive, clear and meaningful measurement, that provides the sensor’s true accuracy of ±5% RH over a compensated range of 5°C to 50°C (41°F to 122°F) and 10% RH to 90% RH. Total error band includes all errors due to the following factors:
• Humidity non-linearity
• Humidity hysteresis
• Humidity non-repeatability
• Thermal effect on zero
• Thermal effect on span
• Thermal hysteresis

Low supply voltage: Can operate down to 2.3 VDC, which allows use in low-energy and wireless-compatible applications to enhance energy savings and prolong system battery life.
Low power consumption: The sensor goes into sleep mode when not taking a measurement within the application, consuming only 1 µA of power versus 650 µA in full operation in a battery operated system. Sleep mode helps maximise battery life, reduces power supply size, and reduces the application’s overall weight.
Ultra-small package: SOIC-8 SMD (Surface Mount Device) package is ultra small, including the condensation-resistant model with hydrophobic filter on-board (HIH6131). Allows for flexibility of use within the application, occupies less space on the PCB, and typically simplifies placement on crowded PCBs or in small devices.
Combined humidity and temperature sensor: The humidity and temperature sensors are in the same housing. This allows the RH measurement to be temperature compensated and provides a second, standalone temperature sensor output.
High resolution: High 14-bit humidity sensor resolution and 14-bit temperature sensor resolution within the application help the user’s system detect the smallest relative humidity or temperature change.

Technical product specifications:
Packet type: surface mount SOIC-8, 1000 units on tape and reel
Operating temperature: -40 - 125°C
Humidity range during operation: 0 - 100% RH
Accuracy (best fit straight line) ±1.7% RH
Hysteresis ±1.0% RH
Total error band: ±5.0% RH
Response time t 63%
Setting time: 60 ms max.
Supply voltage: 3.3 V DC typ.
Supply current: 650 µA
Long-term stability: ±1.2% relative humidity for a period of five years
Output signal: digital I2C
Covered device: no
Moisture/dust filter: no
Combined humidity and temperature sensor: yes
Calibration and data printout: no
Alarms: yes
Temperature sensing type: silicone temperature sensor built into ASIC
  • Other
    • Temperature range
    • -40 ... +125
  • General
    • Mounting form
    • SMD
    • Type
    • Moisture sensor
    • Tolerance
    • ±1.7 % RH
    • Technology
    • Digital
  • Implementation
    • Measurement range
    • 0% RH ... 100% RH
  • Electrical values
    • Voltage
    • 3.3 V