RONA 450620Manual chainsaw, standard C

Saw through high branches in no time at all.

An impressive performance!

It's easy with this manual chainsaw. It works fast and minimises effort. 84 chain links with 160 teeth surround the branch and saw at all contact points.
This makes it much more effective than a straight-blade saw. It saws in both directions, preventing the saw from jamming because the teeth cut a groove into the wood that is wider than the back of the saw. The blade guide ensures that the saw always stays in the correct position.
It can also be used where conventional saws can't-for example, for cutting branches in high trees or root systems that are difficult to access.

Folds into a bag, with a loop for wearing on a belt. Chain length: 77 cm.

STANDARD (item no. 450620)
1x nickel plated saw chain: 84 links, 77 cm in length
2x rotating handles, bag and instructions

The manual chainsaw is made of high-quality steel.
Hardened teeth to ensure secure operation and a long service life.
Can be used where other saws can't-for root systems, high branches, PVC pipes-whenever you need it.

Saws in both directions under tension and compression.

The blade guide ensures that the saw ALWAYS stays in the correct position.
It can be folded and stored in the bag supplied and worn on a belt.
Detailed instructions included.
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  • Measures
    • Length
    • 770 mm