QUATTROPOD-ST001QuattroPod Standard Pack - 2x Transmitter and 1x Receiver

With QuattroPod you can present screen content wirelessly - for all devices - for all operating systems.

Standard package (2 transmitters + 1 receiver)

QuattroPod is a wireless presentation system for transferring screen contents to a public display or beamer. Up to 64 transmitters can interact with one receiver. Notebook, tablet, smartphone - QuattroPod gets along with all your devices. Whether Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone: QuattroPod supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. High-resolution displays are working faster and faster. QuattroPod does not let you down here either, 4K resolutions with 3840 x 2160 pixels are supported.

QuattroPod Features:
  • Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone QuattroPod can handle all your devices. Whether Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone: QuattroPod supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
  • Plug & Play - you don't need to install any software or app on your mobile device; you just need to connect via HDMI or USB
  • Ultra-HD (4K) - High-resolution displays work faster and faster. QuattroPod doesn't let you down here either, 4K resolutions with 3840 x 2160 pixels supported
  • up to 4 screens simultaneously - Wouldn't it be great to be able to present more than one screen at a time? Yes, it is. QuattroPod supports up to 4 simultaneous screen transfers
  • Apple Airplay - With an iPad or iPhone, you can also transfer your screen content directly via Apple AirPlay. This means that you do not need a QuattroPod transmitter in this case.

Application examples:

  • The classic among everyday problems: All participants in a meeting should present. In the rarest of cases this goes perfectly over the stage. Often a lot of time is spent with too short transmission cables and missing connections. And sometimes this ends with everyone having to look at a small tablet screen in the middle of the table. With QuattroPod you save time and nerves.

Education and training
  • Whether school or university. The presentation of digital content is an integral part of the training: In class, in seminars, in lectures, but also in teacher conferences or other meetings. With QuattroPod you can support such scenarios excellently.

On the way
  • Anyone who travels to a customer and wants to present his products or services digitally there wants to do so with the feeling of being as independent as possible of the presentation technology on site. Take a QuattroPod receiver and a QuattroPod transmitter with you, and you can do your presentation directly from your tablet, for example.

How exactly does QuattroPod work? QuattroPod consists of a receiver and one or more transmitters that can communicate wirelessly with each other.

  1. The receiver is connected to a large screen or beamer via HDMI. In addition, the receiver requires power.
  2. The transmitter is connected to your notebook via HDMI/Mini DisplayPort and USB. Tablets and smartphones are connected to the transmitter with your charger cable.
  3. When the receiver and transmitter are ready, the screen transmission is started by pressing the transmit button on one of the transmitters. If another participant wants to transmit his screen, he also presses on his transmitter. However, in order to avoid a constant change of control, in this case the first participant must confirm this by pressing his transmitter again. The first station to send acts as the master in a multisender environment.

Scope of delivery
  • 2x QuattroPod Transmitter
  • 1x QuattroPod Receiver
  • 1x cable set (2x short HDMI cables, 2x short miniDP cables, 1x long HDMI)
  • 1x 5V USB power supply + USB cable, 1x manual / quickstart

  • General
    • Type
    • drahtloses Präsentationsystem
    • Design
    • 2 Sender + 1 Empfänger