RASPBERRY PI 3Raspberry Pi 3 B, 4x 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, WLAN, BT

Single-board computer: Raspberry Pi 3 B

The new Raspberry Pi model is here! Faster than the first generation, but software and accessories can still be used.

One highlight is that the future Windows 10 can potentially be used on the Raspberry Pi 3

Why is the Raspberry Pi 3 simply a must-have?
Small as a credit card and unbeatable value for money — that's what makes a single-board computer so unique!

If you like to take control of projects yourself and don't want to spend money on finished products, you shouldn't miss out on the mini-PC from Raspberry. A little know-how and some basic programming skills are useful, but the wide range of accessories for the small marvel is fun and inspires tinkering and experimenting.

A number of connections, e.g. HDMI, USB, LAN, audio and its fast quad core ARM Cortex A53 processor with 1200 MHz and integrated graphic unit round out the overall package.

Keyboard, mouse and monitor can, of course, also be connected.
Thanks to different operating systems freely available on the Internet, including Raspbian, the single-board computer can even be used for spreadsheets and word processing. The easy-to-use interface with integrated browser makes it fun to surf the Internet. Games and playback of HD videos are possible with the power supply.

Many projects can be carried out with the Raspberry Pi: for example, NAS servers, media centres, Internet radio, mail servers or surveillance camera control, to name just a few of the most popular options.

The small all-rounder can be accessed over the network as soon as it connects to the home router. It can be easily monitored, controlled and programmed using a PC or laptop.
A smartphone-controlled garage door opening system or a self-designed weather station with full Internet connection are easy to implement, via the 40 available I/Os which can also be used for any accessories. More obscure projects are also possible!

The Raspberry Pi community is large and has many followers so it's easy to find information about the mini PC. It's easy to get started with little effort.

Unlike the Raspberry Pi B+ predecessor model, the current Raspberry Pi 3 has a significantly faster CPU and more memory. In this case as well, the already available accessories are compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3.

Detailed technical properties
  • Broadcom BCM2837 1200­MHz ARM Cortex-A53 quad core processor with VideoCore IV dual-core GPU
  • GPU offers Open GL ES 2.0, OpenVG with hardware acceleration and 1080p30 H.264 high-profile decoding
  • GPU is capable of 1 GPixel/s, 1.5 GTexel/s or 24 GFLOPs with texture filtering and DMA infrastructure
  • 4-pin audio/composite video-out socket, 3.5 mm
  • 15-pin MPI CSI-2 connector for Raspberry Pi HD video camera (item no. RASPBERRY PI CAM, RASPBERRY PI CAN, RPI WWCAM)
  • 15-pin serial display interface connector (item no. RASPBERRY PI 7TD)
  • Power supply: 5V @ 2,5 A via microUSB socket

  • Important: The Raspberry Pi B+ and 2 housings are also compatible for the new Raspberry Pi 3
    Important: The Raspberry Pi 3 only works with the latest NOOBS software — see accessories
  • General
    • Type
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Category
    • Board
    • Design
    • Standard
    • Model
    • 3 B
    • Chip set
    • ARM Cortex-A53 Quad
  • Specials
    • CPU clock
    • 1200 MHz
  • Implementation
    • RAM
    • 1024 MB
    • Memory
    • 0 (max. 64) GB
  • Interfaces
    • LAN
    • 10/100
    • HDMI
    • Yes
    • SATA
    • No
    • USB
    • 4
    • Audio
    • Yes
    • Microphone port
    • No
    • I/O
    • 40
    • SPI
    • Yes
    • I²C
    • Yes
    • UART
    • Yes
  • External I/O Ports
    • WLAN
    • Yes
    • Bluetooth®
    • Yes
    • SD-Slot
    • No
    • microSD-Slot
    • Yes
  • Internal I/O Ports
    • CSI
    • Yes
    • DSI
    • Yes
  • Measures
    • Length
    • 85 mm
    • Width
    • 56 mm
    • Height
    • 17 mm
  • Electrical values
    • Operating voltage
    • 5 V
  • Power supply
    • Low-voltage input
    • 5 V DC / 2,5 A