RASP SHD DVB-T2Raspberry Pi - TV-Shield DVB-T2 for Raspberry Pi

With the Raspberry Pi TV HAT you can receive digital terrestrial TV broadcasts (DVB-T / DVB-T2) on your existing Raspberry Pi or stream them to other devices via your network.

Where you can receive terrestrial television you can see here: http://www.dvb-t2hd.de/empfangscheck/empfangscheck

Technical data - Sony CXD2880 TV tuner
- supports TV standards: DVB-T2, DVB-T
- Reception frequency: VHF III, UHF IV, UHF V
- Channel Bandwidth DVB-T2: 1.7 MHz, 5 MHz, 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
- Channel Bandwidth DVB-T: 5 MHz, 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
- Operating temperature: 0 ... 50 °C
- compatible with all popular Raspberry Pi models

Does not support DVB-T2 HD Standard H.265

Scope of delivery
Raspberry Pi TV HAT, spacer, 40x GPIO header, antenna adapter
  • Implementation
    • Model
    • Raspberry Pi
  • General
    • Category
    • Shield
    • Type
    • Verschiedenes
    • Design
    • TV