N VCRO210BKRobot Sweeper

Who said hoovering was a chore?
Let this Robot Vacuum Cleaner take the strain while you put your feet up or get on with those other essential tasks, like meeting a friend for coffee, perhaps?
The future is now!
This is the smart way to clean a house. Set this vacuum bot to work and it will sense its way round the room, picking up dust, debris and hairs as it goes.
How well does it work?
The two extra-wide brushes help your cleaner make short work of each room. With brushes fitted on its side and a rolling brush at its front this powerful cleaner will leave wooden floors, tiles or low-pile carpets immaculate.
Once you’ve set it on its way the bot will sense its way round the room using state-of-the-art sensors to avoid obstacles and cover every bit of your floor. The robot’s cliff sensor prevents any falls down stairs and its light sensor ensures it doesn’t slack off just because it’s dark.
How hard does it work?
The 0.3-litre dustbin ensures this is a robot that rarely needs to stop because it’s full - and it can operate for 90 minutes on each charge.

  • Two brushes of 28 cm to clean an entire room in no time.
  • 3-litre dustbin which lasts through
  • Operating time of up to 90 minutes on a single charge
  • Equipped with anti-collision, cliff and light sensors to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from bumping into furniture or falling down the stairs

Package contents
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging adapter
  • Spare side brush
  • Quick start guide

  • General
    • Type
    • Suction robots
    • Design
    • -
    • Suction
    • - Pa
    • Colour
    • Black/white
    • Assembly
    • 1x Rollbürste, 1x Seitenbürste
  • Implementation
    • Chamber volume
    • 0.3 Liter
  • Measures
    • Height
    • 65 mm
    • Ø
    • 290 mm
  • Power supply
    • Power unit, inclusive
    • Yes
    • Mains voltage input
    • 100-240 V AC
    • Mains frequency
    • 50 Hz
    • Mains plug
    • C - Euro plug CEE 7/16
    • Power supply, on device
    • Plug housing