EAKIT EDIPTFT70CStarter kit with 17,8cm (7") TFT, touch, capacitive

The EA eDIPTFT Series
Finally there are TFT-Displays which are immediately executable and have already from the first minute on the full functional range installed. 5 V= and an RS-232, I²C or SPI interface are required.

All fonts and functions for operating the display and the touch panel can be used immediately.
- no PC / embedded system necessary
- low power, max. 900mW (except 5.7" and 7")
- no familiarization with software or programming tools
- fully operational immediately after switch-on
- extreme acceleration of time-to-market
- tested and hundredfold tested functions
- unmatched flexibility through powerful commands and various interfaces (RS-232, I²C, SPI)
- extremely compact design

Various fonts built in Various fonts in different sizes are built into the displays. All Windows fonts can be additionally integrated (also jewelry fonts or Cyrillic, Hebrew etc.). For vertical installation, the display and fonts can be rotated independently by 90°.

Extensive graphics commands, editor / compiler
Such as touch key, bar graph, areas, images, animations, string centered... are integrated. An attractive screen layout is created with just a few, easy-to-understand commands. All commands are based on coordinates and can therefore be used and moved pixel by pixel... For demo purposes and first tests a built-in self-test is integrated: simply set the pin "Test" to low.
For first demos an editor / compiler is available free of charge. This allows the internal FLASH to be used, for example, to create predefined screen layouts. TIFF, JPG, TGA and GIF animations can also be stored here. You will find the free software under "Datasheets & Downloads".

Extremely compact
The design of these innovative displays is extremely space-saving and optimized for as large a display area as possible: there is no PCB overhang and no contact pads for plugs or cables. The viewing window is therefore optimally large.
The integrated graphic controller, the built-in temperature compensation and the integrated negative supply also save board space. Here, too, communication takes place via the same serial interfaces RS-232, SPI or I²C bus.

Quick and easy installation Like all EA DIP modules, these TFT displays are simply plugged into the board and soldered there. No screws, spacers or cables are required.
For the usual screw mounting (possibly together with the matching aluminium mounting bezel), two mounting brackets are included, which can be simply hooked in if required.

Technical data - TFT graphic display with graphic function
- 800 x 480 pixels, 16-bit color (65,536 colors) with LED illumination
- 8 MB onboard flash for fonts, images, animations and macros
- Supply voltage 5 V / 700 mA
- 8 predefined fonts, individually customizable
- Truetype fonts can be imported, rotatable in 90° steps
- 3 different interfaces onboard: RS232, I²C or SPI
- pixel-precise positioning for all functions
- Straight, dot, range, bar graph, ...
- Rotary and pointer instruments
- Pictures, animations - mixing text and graphics
- comfortable keyboard function
- Multilingualism through macropages and string tables
- Touch panel - variable grid, resistive or capacitive
- Freely definable keys and switches
- 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
- 2 analogue inputs conveniently programmable
- 80 small jingles as audio feedback of touch functions

Scope of delivery
- intelligent capacitive 17.8 cm (7") touch TFT with fonts (EA EDIPTFTT70-ATC)
- Evaluation board (EA 9777-3USB)
- 5 interface boards (EA 9777-2PE)
- CD with data sheets, LCD Knowhow, LCD Tools, USB Driver, ...
- USB data cable