EVERTAGTravel, digital luggage tag

The innovative, digital and data-secured EVERTAG luggage tag.
A luggage tag that corresponds to today's world. No more paper trailers or cumbersome changing and re-labelling on the next trip. The EVERTAG luggage tag always remains on your suitcase. You "feed" it with your mobile phone, tablet or via computer. Easily type in your home address or your travel destination address and with just one click, your luggage tag is up to date. EVERTAG gives you the convenience of changing your destinations with just one click when you travel frequently. Data secured by multiple secured servers with SSL encryption with 2048bit certificate and due to the fact that your clear name is unreadable compared to conventional luggage tags.

Your EVERTAG will help you in case of lost luggage!
If you should ever lose your luggage, the finder can use the contact option you have released with a scan of the QR code to get in contact with you. In addition, the EVERTAG luggage tag does not reveal any contact details - because there is no "clear name" or other data visible on the luggage tag. So nobody can spy on your name or address when you are travelling. The EVERTAG luggage tag is configured and activated in 40 seconds. Within the Evertag system you can create several travel destination addresses next to your home address and always activate them with just one click. Of course, you can also completely deactivate your suitcase tag if your suitcase is "safe".

Condition: - Robust and chic design in black and silver, PVC, EC card size 8.5 x 5.4 cm with transparent rubber loop for a simple attachment.
  • General
    • Type
    • Adressanhänger
    • Design
    • smart
    • Material
    • Kunststoff
    • Colour
    • schwarz
  • Other
    • Specification
    • SSL-verschlüsselt, 2048 bit Zertifikat
  • Measures
    • Width
    • 54 mm
    • Height
    • 85 mm