WERA KAL 2018Wera 2018 advent calendar

The iconic Advent Calendar by Wera, which has been causing adult eyes to shine for many years.

Attention: this promotion is only available in limited quantities.

The popular classic among the advent calendars makes true helicopter hearts beat faster and is a wonderful companion in the Advent season. It contains a combination of screwdrivers that provides fun and good results: a VDE Kraftform handle with eight matching insulated blades. A Kraftform handle with 1/4 "Rapidaptor bit holder and eight 89mm long 1/4" bits. In addition, four angle wrench with hex-plus profile, whereby the rounding of hexagon socket screws can be avoided. The tool set is optimally stowed away in the textile folding bag. The bag has a fleece zone for quick docking with the Wera 2go system. Thanks to the self-adhesive Velcro strip, the tool bag can also be easily attached to the workshop wall or workshop trolley.

A highlight of this Advent calendar is the Kraftform bottle opener, which luminesces in the dark! Suitable for the winter season.


  • 1x Kraftform handle 816 R: 1/4 "x119
  • 1x VDE Kraftform handle 817 VDE: 9x102
  • 4x VDE long bits: PH 1x154, PH 2x154, PZ 1x154, PZ 2x154
  • 4x VDE long bits: 0.4x2.5x154, 0.6x3.5x154, 0.8x4.0x154, 1.0x5.5x154
  • 2x PH Phillips long bits: PH 1x89, PH 2x89
  • 2x PZ Phillips long bits: PZ 1x89, PZ 2x89
  • 1x slot long bit: 1.0x5.5x89
  • 3x TORX® long bits: TX 15x89, TX 20x89, TX 25x89
  • 4x hexagon long bits: 3.0x63, 4.0x70, 5.0x80, 6.0x90
  • 1x Kraftform capsule opener (Glow in the dark)
  • 1x folding bag advent calendar 2018
  • 1 x velcro strip 120

  • General
    • Type
    • Tool kit
    • Design
    • Advent calender
    • Model
    • Wera Kalender 2018
  • Packaging
    • Packaging
    • 24-piece